Taking Back Your Holidays


Ever Wonder How it Got to be THAT time again?

It happens all too often as we feel time race by. Before you know it, the season you thought you were in is gone. You barely had a moment to savor it. Before you can blink, another day has passed. Yes, we all agree that time goes by much too quickly. So how do we slow it down a bit?

We take back our holidays, people! That's how!

National holidays are about a break, a respite from the daily grind, a moment to remember and celebrate—whether large or small. So that’s why I’m here. To remind you to give yourself permission and enjoy the holidays--each and every one of them. Don’t bury yourself in the “too much to do and where did it go?” cycle. Let’s make all holidays markers of time where we are ready to explore and be present in the magical moments from January to December. 

My job? To make it easier, simpler—fun again with ways to lighten your load and focus on something you haven't in a while -- YOU! 

So relax and celebrate each and every holiday, one special memory at a time while we enjoying another year-long lead up to Christmas. 

Enjoy the journey...

 ~ Dr. Xmas

A happy smiling woman with her arms up in the air in floating party confetti

You've Been Meaning to Do That!

You've said it to yourself a hundred times. This [season, holiday, year], I'm going to _____ . Fill in the blank. Go ahead. You've got a million of them. But inevitably, something gets in the way and when you look up from your pile of stuff, the window of opportunity has slipped away. 

Was it that perfect Valentine's dinner, summer vacation or Halloween costume you had in mind? That fabulous Thanksgiving recipe you were going to make? The Christmas songs you planned to learn and sing when you joined the church choir? Or those Christmas books you were going to read? Drat! The holiday window passed you by again.

Well, not anymore! Dr. Xmas is in the house to keep you focused on what's important to you and your world. What makes you feel like you've enjoyed it all. With a little practice, and a lot of fun along the way, you'll be holiday healthy!


The Early Years...

Many years ago, when I was barely a gleam in my mother's eye, Christmas was in full swing at our house. From the shiny red ornaments to the dangling tinsel and brightly wrapped packages under that very hip aluminum tree-- (can you say Mad Men era?) I was destined to arrive at the party. 

And shortly thereafter, I did arrive on a very special day--none other than December 25th. So with that auspicious birth date and a zest for knowledge, I give you "Dr. Xmas."  These days, everybody needs a little help getting through the yuletide yuck and into the yay!

So many traditions, so little time. Let me share with you the wonder of holidays--silly, fun traditions, 'who knew?' insights and sometimes deep and poignant thoughts about this wonderful season and holidays as well as holidays all year long.

Join me on my journey and partake of the joy. Because, after all, that is what holidays are all about...